GDC Property managers will provide Professional, full-service property management for its clients in Waikato, Thames and Auckland regions. Our team has developed and managed properties and assets for private and public companies. GDC’s emphasis on tenant satisfaction requires that it take pride in the physical appearance of the property and in ensuring the tenant’s comfort. This requires a team effort on the part of first-rate professionals who take genuine pride in their work.

GDC Properties has a diverse and detailed knowledge of New Zealand, which they use to offer the best possible service to their clients. This, combined with their low management fees, flexibility and networking make them an exceptional local property management team.


GDC property managers know their properties and contractors and vendors. Regular site visits and inspections are a routine part of each manager’s schedule. Because the property managers are “result” oriented, they receive excellent response from their vendors. All tenant requests for service are processed promptly and GDC’s property management team is in constant communication with cutting edge technology, and is available on a 24-hour basis.


In providing management services, GDC’s emphasis stresses a commitment to maintain a high degree of tenant satisfaction while operating the property to maximize the long-term value of the asset.


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