“We Deal with Your Property as Though It Was Our Own”

What can we offer you?

  • Low Management Fee
  • Quality Assured Service
  • Manage Rent Collection
  • Perform Credit Checks
  • Check References
  • Regular Inspections
  • Monthly Reporting

At GDC Properties we endeavour to create a straightforward and effortless rental process for you, from start to finish. We will identify ideal tenants to fit your property’s needs and handle everything from reference checks, inspections and rent collection. All you have to do is worry about what to do with the money in your account!

Tenant Selection

We take care and skill to find suitable tenants for your home as we want to find tenants who will care for the home as a homeowner would. To do this we have strict screening processes in place, including reference and credit rating checks on potential tenants. We believe finding the right tenants will be different for every home and we strive to find the best possible fit to your home.


We believe that communication is one of the most important aspects of being a reliable property manager and we are available to contact 24/7 for any issues, both from homeowners and tenants. We will keep in regular contact vie email or phone, for updates and to keep homeowners up to date at all times.


Our tenants are required to provide 4 weeks rent as their bond, this bond will be immediately lodged with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's Tenancy Services for your security and peace of mind


Our advertising techniques are chosen to get the best service and tenant selection for homeowners. All of our properties are advertised on our website, Facebook Page and TradeMe, as well as advertised in our office. We will also display a rental sign on the property. We aim to fill any tenancy vacancies as soon as possible to increase your profitability from rent payments.

Rent Collection and Arrears

GDC Properties aim to make the rental experience as stress free as possible for homeowners, but handling rent collection to ensure you receive your rent promptly and hassle-free into your account on a weekly basis. We will also provide monthly and annual rent statements at the end of the financial year.

If a tenant misses a payment we will immediately act to contact the tenants and resolve this issue. At GDC Properties we have no tolerance to late rent payments as this is vital to your profitability and experience. Should this escalate further, our property managers will notify the homeowner of the issue and what is being done to resolve this as fast as possible.

Property Inspections

Firstly, we will conduct an inspection prior to tenants moving in to record the current state of the house and to record any defects or blemishes on the property, these will be photographed for any future use.

During the tenancy period, regular inspections will be carried out on a three-month basis, or more frequently if deemed necessary. These inspections will be carried out by our skilled property managers who will provide a report of the homeowner and note any defects or maintenance issues that may have arisen, and provide options to remedy these issues. Regular inspections will allow homeowners to know how their property is going and keep on top of any issues and maintenance requirements.

At the end of a tenancy period a final inspection will be conducted to assess if there is any damage or faults from the tenants, which repairs will be taken from their bond.


Maintenance is an important part of any property, and especially rental properties. With regular inspections, we aim to reduce maintenance costs by undertaking any issues immediately, before they could get worse, resulting in higher costs. Our Property Managers will consult with the homeowners on any maintenance issues, especially in relation to the costs involved and what works for you. We can arrange for any repairs to be undertaken in a timely manner and with homeowner permission. We work with a variety of reliable and affordable contractors to offer the best solution for your property.

What we require from YOU!

  • Your contact details
  • Property location & details
  • Copy of insurance policies
  • Details of any outstanding maintenance issues